Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Last year I did the production and I had so much fun! I decided that I would do the producton this year, I am oing to audition for the character Jessica Mansfield. I realy hope I get the part, I am auditioning friday morning! Wish me luck! =)


pinky said...

Yeah! I am trying out for lavinia! I am nervous! It will be fun! The judges need to be there at 10:15.


P.S good luck to you!

lilrocsta said...

YaY I ahve to try out for a part of a guy cos there is 5 girls in our group and we are supposed to have 2 boys in our group!!
Anyway Good Luck Bubbles!! You will do so well i know It!!! You are a awesome actor

Little Miss Room 18 said...

I know you did so well!!!

miss south africa said...

hope you get the part! last years producton was robin hood, that was cool as.