Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Social Dancing!!!!!!!!

Today we started social dancing and its so much fun some people think dancing with a girl or boy is weird but I just think its fun!!! Today we learnt the bunny hop, the Waltz and the switching partner one (love shack, I call it). We still have to learn the Samba and the Cha Cha awesomeness!!!!!!!!
Bubbley xx


The Other Boy said...

I liked social dancing too!!!
I got to dance with lots of people, and the love shack thing was fun because we had too many boys, so socanerd and someone else i think had to be in the girl ring.
Oh man, I just lost the game.

Anonymous said...

Rrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!! man plz stop loosing the game OTHER BOY, I love social dancing I like the love shack one and the waltz and the snow ball waltz!!!!!!!!!!! =)
CHOCOHOLIC much?????heheheeheh i lost the game toooooooooooo xx

Happy said...

OMG social dancing is so much fun!