Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dogs and their grooming needs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight my dog got a grooming which included a bath, washing, drying, cutting, nail clipping and more cutting! It took over an hour and we were standing outside waiting and waiting for the guy to finish, but you know what he did a really good job holly looks amazing!!!!! Holly was nervous at first but she got better at the end, and in fact the guy said that she was soooooooooo good and then he gave us a discount!!!!!!!! He was really cool and he told us all about what we should do to walk her, brush her, wash her etc. Holly now looks sooo cute and she really needed a cut!!!!


pinky said...

Ha ha cute! Your puppy Is sooo cute!

MrWoody said...

My nephew wants a dog - do you think ten year old with no money can handle having a dog and keeping it how it needs to be kept?
I know he will love it and care for it. Is that enough?