Sunday, April 5, 2009

Todays news at the news desk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Missing woman motortist survives two nights in bush
A 62-year-old motorist found this morning after being trapped in her car in a bush for two days appears to have escaped serious injuries. Alison McDonald was found in her blue Toyota Corolla between Arthurs Pass and Otira having survived two nights in the wreckage after she crashed down a five metre bank. The alarm was raised after she failed to reach her Greymouth home after setting out to drive from Christchurch on Friday morning. She was discovered by ground searchers checking the route she took. Police earlier had driven the route and conducted an aerial search from Porters Pass to the West Coast but found no signs of her or car.She was taken to Greymouth Hospital but was not believed to be seriously hurt were she told her family the story.

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