Friday, March 27, 2009

How your ear works!!!! :)

The outer ear collects the sounds and comes though a long tube called the ear cannel. The middle ear has a long stretched out skinhich is abnormous (misshaped) called the ear drum which vibrates. The inner ear has three small bones that are like dominoes and they hit each other and then goes to the coclear. The coclear has liquid and little hairs/cells which moves everywhere then its sends though nerves to get to the brain and tells you someones said to you.The reason for this posts was so that some of the boys in our class dont know how to use their ears so I thought maybe it was because they didnt actually know who it works so now they have no reason to not listen to Mr Woody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0 your welcome boys!!!!!!!!!!! :)


MrWoody said...

I love this - what a classic character you are - well done! BLogger of the week!

The Other Boy said...

Already have read it :)
Very impressed you researched all of that.