Monday, March 30, 2009

Science roadshow!!!!!!!!! :)

Remember this it was really loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Today at school we went to the science roadshow it was so much fun and we learnt a lot. We had so really great exibits (even though they really really not easy to get) it was really fun. I loved guessing the amount of m&ms in the jar I love m&ms.


MrWoody said...

My favourite part was the massive explosion. I was shocked by the force of the explosion form a balloon.
Can you remember the gas?

MrWoody said...

oops - i mean, "from"

Bubbles said...

ummm i think it was air and I cant remember the other one but together they made an h2o gas!!!!!!!! :)


The Other Boy said...

Hydrogen and Oxygen were the gases


[It was really really loud!]

gracie said...

Ow! That would have hurt my ears!

I'm glad I wasn't there!


G gangster said...

It really did hurt even though i was blocking my ears.
I feel sorry for anyone who didn't. =-\