Friday, March 27, 2009

Todays news at the news desk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woman saves her three children from Hamilton house fire

A mother saved her three young children from a burning house in south Hamilton this morning.
The mother was bathing her one- and three-year-old children, and a three-month-old baby was sleeping in a cot in another room, when the fire started about 11am.
She got the two children out of the bath and noticed smoke coming out from under one of the children's beds as she went to her room to dress.
"Grabbing the three-month-old and moving him to the lounge of the house, the woman tried to extinguish the fire with a bucket of water but by then it had become too involved.
The mother suffered singed hair and a small burn on her neck, and was taken with her children to Waikato Hospital to be checked for smoke inhalation.
The fire did not appear to be suspicious, although fire service investigators were investigating the cause.

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