Monday, March 30, 2009

Swimming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

As you may have noticed today I received a certificate for swimming. I have been swimming for 5 years, I started when my cousin came down from Auckland she had been doing swimming for a number of years now and I didn't have anything to do in the afternoons so I joined her. I turned out to be quite good, so I went into the waikato juniors competition, I came 4th in breastroke 5th in freestyle and 7th in backstroke. My favourite stroke is obviously breaststroke. I loved swimming for a while I even got medals for the club I was on yop at swimming being in clubs like ace and fairfield, but then it got really boring just going backwards and forwards, up and down the lenth, it can get quite boring after a while so I decided to quit last year. I never went back to swimming and I really regret it since I am quite good but I dont want to go back to the boring backwards and forwards of it all. What do you guys think I should do Please leave a comments about your thoughts and feelings towards this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


MrWoody said...

Well, you are fabulous and you have a talent. Exercise is great, but I understand how boring swimming training must be. Perhaps you could investigate surf lifesaving? - A swimming-based sport and public service with a vibrant club life all in one!
I know a reeeeally cool girl a yr older than you who has a wonderful family involved in surf lifesaving - you could contact her via email or her blog to discuss your options.
Let me know if you're interested. It may depend on whether or not your family goes to the beach a lot.

Bubbles said...

Thanks Mr woody that sounds really fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


gracie said...

I'm not so good at swimming but I still like swimming in my own time!